Tastes like victory.


We needed to break down the barriers and celebrate the
taste of Pepsi Max by proving that Kiwis actually prefer the taste to our biggest full-sugar competitor. Despite one of the biggest misconceptions in the beverage category that no-sugar drinks compromise on taste.
Image of the Pepsi Max challenge van.


We brought The Pepsi Max Taste Challenge to Kiwis, encouraging them to take part in the ultimate blind taste test. In one disruptive activation, we pitted Pepsi Max against full-sugar Coca-Cola and kept score of every sip. The results were outstanding — 51% of Kiwis prefer the taste of Pepsi Max to full-sugar Coca-Cola, completely changing the game when it comes to great taste vs full sugar.


Delivered 25k samples in high-traffic locations nationally




More than 60% of Kiwis preferred the taste of Pepsi Max